How to Look Luxurious on a Budget


Today I wanted to refer to a few points about looking and feeling luxurious. So it means different things to different people, but there are a few guidelines you can follow to make your daily style and feeling a little bit more abundant and luxurious:

  1. Buy less and buy better – You should buy the best quality you can afford. It might mean even Mango or Zara when you’re on a budget and it’s totally fine. You should scan everything they have in the store, and try everything on to make sure it fits great. you don’t need to buy more than a few great pieces each season to slowly transform your wardrobe into something amazing.
  2. Buy only things that make you feel amazing – this way you’ll get the luxury feel from anything that’s in your closet.
  3. Make a list of celebs that you think have a luxurious life or one that you would like for yourself – and try to break it down to what are they wearing, what do they look like, what kind of lifestyle are they managing, what can you incorporate to your own life from that, and what in your soul sends you in that direction. who do you want to become? and how can you become more of who you truly are from adopting things from their style to your own?  Examples of celebs that make me feel luxurious from Pinterest:








There are more examples on my Pinterest board:


Go check that out!

I think the conclusion from the pictures is that luxury means different things to different people, and you should tune in and find out what works for you 🙂

4. Less is more – clean makeup, gentle hues, less jewellery, clean lines, simple things. A lot of the times, less mess make you look much more high class.

Overall, I think you should seek and find what makes you feel luxurious when buying clothes, tune in and see what makes you feel great. That’s the best advice I can give.

Now – I’d love to hear from you what makes you feel luxurious and abundant in the comments down below,

Have a wonderful abundant day!


Author: CoffeenGlam

I love living meaningfully and enjoying life. I aspire to have an abundant, wonderful lifestyle and I love anything fashion, beauty, home decor, wellness, health, spirituality and of course - food, related. I enjoy studying and exploring people ideas, and new things and places. hopefully you will enjoy this blog.

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