What to wear to a Wedding

Hi guys,

Weddings are a complicated issue. it feels like you should hit the right combination of style and sophistication, but you would also like to be comfortable and feel like yourself,  and sometimes you’ll even want to look cool or easy going.

There are a few main rules you should follow when dressing for an event:

  1. It’s better to avoid very light or pastel colors, you don’t want to be mixed for wearing white (which is the biggest unforgivable no-no), and the camera flashes can be cruel. In addition, darker colors are usually a safer choice. they usually look chic and are more flattering on most people.
  2. Try to go for firmer, crisp and fitter looks. They usually look more formal and more suited for a special event. It doesn’t mean it has to cost a fortune, there a cheap dresses where the fabric their made of makes them look more expensive.
  3. For winter weddings it’s better to choose luxurious looking fabrics like velvet, it’s adds a touch of prestige to the look, and it’s very trendy this winter.
  4. Always try to express your personal style in the outfit and enjoy wearing it (after you made sure your following the rules above). this is a good rule for any outfit.
  5. Here are a few options I think could help you get some ideas of looks that are suitable (all the looks are from Asos, which I find as a great option to get event appropriate dresses:

Discover Fashion Online:

Discover Fashion Online:


Discover Fashion Online:


(It’s pastel but the velvet makes it look more formal and there is no chance you’ll be mixed with the bride).

Discover Fashion Online:


(That’s a bit on the trendier side, but the satin makes it look evening appropriate, you can see how a fabric changes the outfit)

Discover Fashion Online:


(Metallic fabric, a bolder but still delicate look)

Discover Fashion Online:


A more formal look.

Discover Fashion Online:


(off the shoulder look)

Discover Fashion Online:


(classic foolproof look)

Discover Fashion Online:


(sexier look)

Discover Fashion Online:


(classic and delicate)

I hope this helps you get a better overall view of how to dress for a wedding, now you can ask question and comment down below, I’d love to hear your take on this!

Author: CoffeenGlam

I love living meaningfully and enjoying life. I aspire to have an abundant, wonderful lifestyle and I love anything fashion, beauty, home decor, wellness, health, spirituality and of course - food, related. I enjoy studying and exploring people ideas, and new things and places. hopefully you will enjoy this blog.

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